A Primary Will Be Held to Fill Senator John Miller's Seat

On Tuesday, April 12th, Governor Terry McAuliffe issued a writ out lining the process to fill our beloved Senator John Miller's seat. This starts the process. The State Board of Elections needed to know by March 14th the process by which the seat would be filled; either caucus, convention, or primary. As the 1st Senate Chair, I contacted the localities involved in the process of making the decision regarding our options for proceeding. It was agreed that a primary would be held.

The Next Step
Potential candidates need to file paperwork with the State Board of Elections (SBE), and file their petitions with signatures, along with their Declaration of Candidacy with the 1st Senate Chair (Gene Magruder) by April 20th at 5 p.m. The candidates have to be certified to the SBE by 5 p.m. on April 21st. Signatures of 250 registered voters is required.

Once certified, the primary will be held on June 14th, in all affected cities and counties.

Gene E. Magruder
1st Senate Chair