Rules to the 94th Democratic Caucus

Victoria Magruder, chair will be considered chair over the caucus.

  1. All candidates will be restricted to campaigning outside of union hall.

  2. The candidates will be allowed a representative inside for the opening through the vote count, however cannot interfere with the actual process.

  3. Any appeal of such caucus will have to go through the DPVA appeal process.

  4. The doors to the caucus will open at 6 pm sharp and close at 8:30 sharp, or until all voters in line at 8:30 be allowed to vote.

  5. Voters shall produce a form of ID that clearly gives the ability to identify them as a registered voter. Such items, as name and address, are very important to the identifying process. The voter will also be required to fill out a caucus declaration form.

  6. After being identified as a valid voter they will then receive a voter ticket, allowing them to next receive a ballot after presenting ballot ticket to the ballot table.

  7. The voter will abruptly leave the voting area after casting their vote through a designated exit.

  8. After the caucus the votes will be tallied and all candidates will be informed of the count.

  9. All volunteers will sign the minutes as recorded by the secretary. The records will be official and kept for recordkeeping.