We work each day to provide education, safety, and a fair shot to every person in Newport News. We promote the values and candidates of the Democratic Party in an effort to better the lives and improve the futures of everyone in our city.


Our Mission

The Newport News Democratic City Committee is committed to fostering the long-standing Democratic principles of inclusion, grassroots organizing, fiscal responsibility, excellence in education, investing in our infrastructure and helping to elect Democratic candidates at the local, state and national level to ensure the continued success of this Nation. In doing so, the Newport News Democratic City Committee never loses sight that preserving an adequate social safety network, so the most vulnerable among us have access to affordable health care and equal access to economic opportunities, is paramount to the sustenance of our great Nation.  

What We've Achieved

  • Elected multiple candidates to city-wide office
  • Brought out hundreds of volunteers to knock on thousands of doors 
  • Raised tens of thousands of dollars for local candidates and campaigns
  • Coordinated local campaigns to increase outreach and engagement
  • Provides logistics and support for state-wide candidates
  • Engaged thousands of people in our social and community events

Who We Support

The Democratic City Committee supports these organizations with our time, money, and our effort.