Statement from 94th House District chair, Victoria Magruder

As the committee and many already know Zack Wittkamp has withdrawn from the 94th House district race. That being said I am working with the Democratic house caucus and state party on the best way to fill this vacancy. Under section 12.7 of the Democratic Party of Virginia gives sole discretion to the 94th House District Committee to determine the method by which a new candidate shall be nominated.

I am currently working on the next steps in the process to elect a replacement nominee, and although there is a need for expediency, there is also a need to have a fair process. Therefore I am asking any potential candidates to send inquiries to my email at I also can be contacted at 757-595-9857 or 757-525-1311 for any questions.

It must be stated that the 94th house committee reserves the right to not consider any interested parties that might not meet the criteria for Democratic Party values.