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2023 Newport News School Board Endorsement
September 12, 2023

At our monthly meeting on August 24, 2023, the Newport News Democratic City Committee was proud to endorse the candidacy of Maritsa Alger for the South District seat on the Newport News School Board up for election on November 7.


Since her appointment to the vacant seat in February, Maritsa has shown her dedication to advancing public education, improving school safety, providing the resources to attract and retain teachers, and increasing engagement with the community. She has also demonstrated her Democratic values as a member and vice chair of the NNDCC.


We look forward to working to elect her in November and encourage those able to volunteer or donate to her campaign to visit her web site and Facebook page.


Resolution on School Board Responsible Contracting
June 22, 2023

The Newport News Democratic City Committee calls on the Newport News School Board to protect itself and its workers from dangerous contractors by adopting a responsible contracting policy. Such a policy requires contractors to sign a statement certifying their responsibility before being permitted to bid on school projects funded by the people of Newport News. The Democratic City Committee further reminds the School Board that a responsible contracting policy includes


(1) A requirement that contractors certify that they meet a number of criteria for responsibility, including compliance with all labor laws, before they may bid on any school project


(2) A requirement that contractors participate in a Class A registered apprenticeship program, recognized by either the US Department of Labor or the Commonwealth of Virginia as ensuring that apprentices graduate the program on time without exploiting such apprentices


(3) A requirement that contractors ensure all subcontractors they will hire will also meet all requirements to be certified as a responsible contractor


(4) An option for Newport News Public Schools to disqualify any contractor or subcontractor from further work on an existing project if they violate their certifications of contractor responsibility.

As adopted by the NNDCC on June 22, 2023

House of Delegates District 69 Caucus Cancelled
June 9, 2023

The caucus scheduled for next Thursday, June 15, has been cancelled as of the filing deadline of 5 pm today. In the 69th House of Delegates District, no one filed for nomination.

Call to Caucus for House of Delegates District 69
June 2, 2023

Please follow this link to see the Call to Caucus for House of Delegates District 69. The deadline to file as a candidate is 5:00 PM on Friday, June 9. The caucus itself will be held virtually on the evening of Thursday, June 15.


Only those Newport News residents registered to vote at either Katherine Johnson or Reservoir precincts reside in the 69th District and thus are eligible to participate.

Resolution for Former Councilman Dave Jenkins
January 12, 2023

WHEREAS David H. “Dave” Jenkins was elected with the support of the Newport News Democratic City Committee to the Newport News City Council on May 1, 2018;


WHEREAS Dave advocated for such issues as the Equal Rights Amendment, reducing gun violence, and governmental transparency while on City Council;


WHEREAS Dave helped preserve the former City Farm property as a public space;


WHEREAS Dave supported funding public schools and worked closely with the Newport News School Board;


WHEREAS Dave appeared at functions throughout the city and was responsive to constituents’ needs;


WHEREAS Dave represented Newport News on a number of boards and commissions in Hampton Roads;


WHEREAS Dave has worked diligently to elect Democrats during his time as a member of this City Committee;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Newport News Democratic City Committee commends Dave for his service to the City of Newport News during his term on City Council and to the Democratic Party.


As adopted by the Executive Board of the NNDCC on January 12, 2023

Dr. Karen Sturtevant and Philip Whitman


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