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Memorial Resolution for Michael T. Lee
October 13, 2022

WHEREAS Michael T. Lee was born in Newport News on June 23, 1961, graduated from Warwick High School, and was employed for 34 years at Newport News Shipbuilding;


WHEREAS Michael was a longtime member of the Newport News Democratic City Committee, serving as vice chair, precinct volunteer, and legislative committee chair;


WHEREAS Michael served on congressional district committees and as a member of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Central Committee;


WHEREAS Michael, during his years at Newport News Shipbuilding, sought to advance the cause of labor through his service with United Steelworkers Local 8888, including as the union’s vice president;


WHEREAS Michael also was employed at Anheuser Busch and was a member of Teamsters Local 95;


WHEREAS Michael worked tirelessly during his life to achieve electoral victories for Democrats and lobby for bills at the General Assembly that would secure Democratic goals and protect the rights of workers;


WHEREAS Michael passed away on September 29, 2022 and is deeply missed by those who knew him;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Newport News Democratic City Committee honors Michael T. Lee for his life and contributions to the Democratic Party and extends its condolences to his family.


As adopted by the Executive Board of the NNDCC on October 13, 2022.

Dr. Karen Sturtevant and Philip Whitman


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